Meredith Inglesby - AEA

I was born in Savannah, GA on November 6th (in the 70's). All of my family grew up there, but I was then taken by my parents, Bill and Ellery Inglesby, to their little apartment 40 minutes north, in what was at the time a newly-developed community called Hilton Head Island, SC. Bill was a young businessman at an insurance firm and Ellery had retired from teaching upon learning of my accidental, yet happy arrival. There wasn't a lot of money, but there was music, the island life, and a lot of love. I was serenaded by my father and his guitar to songs from James Taylor, Joan Baez, and sometimes Barry Manilow. (I'm told "Oh Mandy" did the trick every time to soothe me). I learned to fish, to cast a shrimp net, and to catch crabs with a chicken neck and a piece of string while still in diapers. My sister, Catherine, was born 4 years later and we became a little family band. We never performed outside the house, but there were some great jams going on inside 14 Deer Run Lane.

My life was a bit like a Pat Conroy novel, albeit with a more functional family. I never thought about music or acting as a career, but I was a precocious child that couldn't be quieted or easily calmed, and always craving attention. Mom said she couldn't get me off the coffee table! The stage seemed natural to me, only this career was an accident in my life. I never had a deep desire to prove myself in the entertainment business. I credit that attitude to my Island upbringing. There, the wind is clear and fresh and the sea rules the landscape. Staring out at it was my meditation. It was a contemplative and simple childhood, and I learned family and friends count more than anything in the world. Fame is an illusion, and unless you have a strong foundation, it is a very poor companion.

I did lust for adventure at every turn. I left the island after high school for Rollins College in Florida. I studied art and language in Florence, Italy, and travelled extensively during that period of my life. I learned there are many other people and places to learn from and explore which led me to New York City. It was at first a challenge to myself simply to survive there in "the biz." Then, I began to better develop my skills in the theatre and pursue it actively.

After 6 years of regional theatre work, a cruise ship job and countless subsidiary incomes, I booked a Disney Theatricals tour called "On the Record." It ran for 10 months across the States and was my first Production Contract. As a result I got an agent, a fresh outlook, and I made good friendships at Disney. They found a place for me in their family of shows. I was cast as Babette, the French maid-turned-feather duster in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. A life long dream fulfilled, I find myself doing eight shows a week and pursuing my next great adventure,...Disney's The Little Mermaid.

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